About This Site

This site is a place to give a little more exposure to the intrepid developers, startups, programmers and designers of Winnipeg and surrounding area.

  • Why did you build this?

    We wanted a place to shine a little more light on the hard work that we do as programmers. Winnipegers have a long standing tradition of underselling themselves and we hope this site gives them a little bit of a boost in that area.
  • How can I get my site or project added here?

    Was your project built (80% or more) in Winnipeg and surrounding area? Then fill out the form over there on the right

    Provide a screenshot from your analytics data showing 3000+ visitors a month.
  • Who can I contact if I have questions, suggestions or want to provide feedback?

    Please send an email to theteam@builtinwpg.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
  • Where did you get the amazing pictures?

    They all came from Flickr users: Travel Manitoba, and AJ Batac, Nelepl. If you like the images, send them kudos over at Flickr. 
  • Who are the people behind this project?

    The fine folks over at Visual Lizard put this together. They host it, curate it and keep it running.